Adult Art Classes Larchmont One River
Adult Art Classes Larchmont One River

Adult Classes With a Personalized Approach

Now Open in Evanston, IL

One River School’s Classes for Adults are truly unique – students work within a small group setting with the benefits of a very personalized approach across art, design and photography. Instructors provide one on one instruction allowing students to work in in the subject matter of their choice and on projects created to meet their skill level and interest.

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Art classes explore Drawing, Painting, Sculpture & Mixed Media. Students ranging from beginner to advanced work one-on-one with instructors in a small group setting with a personalized approach.


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Art Classes


Intro to Studio Art

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in this course specifically created for beginners and those looking for an art making refresher.

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Adult Art Shuffle

Explore the medium and subject matter of your choice – from drawing & painting to collage & sculpture.


Focus on Drawing

Master your drawing skills by exploring extensive techniques using pencil, charcoal, ink and pastel across still life, figure drawing, landscape and portraiture.


Focus on Oil Painting

Explore oil techniques from underpainting and glazing to palette knife painting while creating paintings in the subject matter of your choice.

Digital Classes


Intro to Photoshop

Learn the essential skills and tools of Photoshop. Become proficient with the program by working on projects in drawing, painting, editing, and design.

Summer Camp Larchmont One River Art Digital

Adult Digital Art Shuffle

Digital Art Shuffle brings fine art and technology together by providing students with the tools, software and inspiration to make art on a virtual canvas.
Use the latest software and XP-Pen tablets to draw, paint and model digitally.

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