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Week 8 | Digital Cartooning | Aug 5-9 | 9:30AM-12:00PM


This class is designed for students who want an intensive digital experience in the art of cartooning, spanning from character development, narrative writing, background basics, comic strip writing, graphic storytelling and page composition. Students work in Adobe Photoshop and Wacom tablets to produce digital cartoons in the form of printable comic books, webcomics, posters and illustration covers.  Students will explore a variety of cartooning genres including manga, science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure, horror, humor, romance and superhero/villain themes.  The class will survey character expression, movement, body language, as they construct cartoons from memory, observation and imagination.  Instructors will introduce students to the history of cartooning and the work of cartoonists such as Tim Burton, Art Spiegelman, Lynda Barry and Scott McCloud.  Students learn to use different digital brushstrokes while understanding visual characteristics such as transparency, symmetry, texture, embossing and creating 3D illusions.  The option to undo brush strokes and other actions, permits a more spontaneous, intuitive way of working than is possible in traditional painting.  Students use Wacom tablets and stylus pens to create fluid linework.


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