Teen Summer Camp Larchmont One River Art Digital

Summer Camps for Teens + Kids

Starting June 2019 in Evanston, IL

Summer camps at One River School offer students of all ages a series of progressive and creative courses across
art, digital art, design, photography, filmmaking and portfolio development.

Weekly camps run from mid-June through the end of August, with over 70 innovative camp themes to choose from—from Street Art Painting to Short Film Creation. Camps are offered in the morning and afternoon sessions and students can bundle classes for a full-day option. Instructors are professional artists and designers in their field, providing students with a fun and hands-on exploration of new media, ideas and tools.

Teen Camps


Teen art and digital camps explore a variety of subjects and techniques - from Graphic Novel Illustration & Street Art Painting to Anime
& Architectural Design.

Kids Camps


Kids art & digital camps balance fun art making with technical skill and hands on instruction across Street Art Painting, Comic Book Creation, Digital Painting, and 3D Modeling.


Kids in grades K-2 explore both 2D and 3D art media in week long half day camps such as Dino Sculpting, Galaxy Painting, Drawing from Nature
and Jungle Masks.

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